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January 18, 2018
Look Before You Leap
Love Laughs at Andy Hardy
New Condensed Classics, The Black Raven
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About Silver Screen Classics

Silver Screen Classics is the only Canadian TV channel specializing in classic films, bringing you legendary movie stars like John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, Fred Astaire, Marilyn Monroe, Ginger Rogers, Charlie Chaplin, Sophia Loren, Kirk Douglas, Spencer Tracy, Marlon Brando, and many others.

About Channel Zero

Channel Zero is an independent Canadian media company that owns over-the-air channel CHCH-TV and a growing bouquet of specialty channels including Rewind and Silver Screen Classics. Channel Zero’s digital sales agency Junction Digital offers advertisers marketing solutions on,, and Chart Attack, as well as the top ad exchanges. Other divisions of Channel Zero include Channel Zero World Media, which operates Halla Bol - Canada’s first South Asian HD TV channel - and TV Asia; and Ouat Media, an Academy Award® winning film Sales and Distribution Company. Channel Zero’s head office is located in Toronto, Ontario. For more information, please visit